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RoboSig CMA - Cash Management

It is finally possible to generate low-risk yield on significant cash holdings

RoboSig CMA is a SaaS platform focused on producing higher yields than traditional low-risk options such as commercial paper, ST bonds, CD’s, and so on. This unlevered autonomous FX trading strategy utilizes the deep liquidity and flexibility of the $6Trillion+/day Foreign Exchange market to produce consistent returns in today’s global low, and in some cases negative, interest rates around the world.


RoboSig ALPHA is a similar SaaS platform to RoboSig CMA but calibrated to generate alpha returns via a much lower risk profile than traditional fund trading strategies. You decide how much alpha you’d like to generate and then “turn the dial” to whatever amount of leverage you are willing and able to deploy. Our team of quantitative engineers and trading experts work with you to determine how best to implement and customize this for your needs.


Conservative Cash Management
2-2.5% yield
(zero leverage)

Higher Leverage = Higher Yield

RS Alpha

Alpha Returns
8-16% yield
(8x leverage)

RS Alpha works with any amount of available leverage
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