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Our Team

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John Racioppi, CEO and Co-founder

John  is a member of the Robosig founding team and has joined Robosig to focus on business development and strategy.  John is a seasoned Silicon Valley enterprise software executive having experience as Director of Business Development at IBM in their transaction systems software group, Borland, as GM of North America for their tools and infrastructure business, and VP Enterprise at Trend Micro.  John also has extensive start up experience forming and growing SaaS companies.  John also serves as an advisor and growth consultant to a number of startup ventures.  John received his BS in Economics and MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. 

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Richard Preschern, CIO and Co-founder

Richard actively traded various asset classes as an independent trader and electronic market-maker on and off the floor in Chicago from 2000-2014 before focusing on fully automated FX strategies. Richard specializes in optimizing FX trading strategies and risk management solutions.

Richard graduated with a degree in Economics from Northwestern University in 1997.

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Michael Schwaiger, CFO and Co-founder

Prior to co-founding RoboSig, Michael commenced his professional career in banking. As director of a regional Austrian bank, he was in charge of the loan department as well as the underlying risk management. In that role, Michael gained experience in commercial risk management.

Michael holds University degrees in Engineering and Economics as well as a PhD in Commercial Law from Johannes Kepler University.

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Dieter Marlovics, COO and CTO

Prior to joining RoboSig as CTO, Dieter was Partner and Chief Information Officer for Gelber Group, LLC. Under his technology leadership and incessant entrepreneurial drive, Gelber Group evolved to become a highly profitable global algorithmic trading firm with over $100 Million in capital and more than nine data centers in three different countries. He is also the Founder of ReallyColor, LLC, which has built patented technology that allows users to turn their photos into coloring pages. Digital and physical ReallyColor gift cards have been sold in US retail brands like Toys “R” Us, BJ’s Wholesale, Sam’s Club, and others. 

Dieter holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University and an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.

Yixin Xie, Quantitative Engineering and Analysis Manager

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Chun "James" Kan, System Operations Manager

James has been in the trading industry since 2005, where he was a member of a market making group at Lerner Trading Group, LLC on the CBOT trading floor and Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Before that he conducted Theoretical and Applied Mechanics research at the University of Illinois in Urbana – Champaign, IL.

Greg Jorgensen, Senior Software Engineer

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Alexander Fauland, Senior Lead Developer

Alexander joined the RoboSig founding team as a contractor responsible for leading the software development team and providing expertise in software architecture and building reliable and scalable solutions. Alexander has a strong software design background for financial services and security systems. With over 20 years in the business, he has led remote teams in Europe as well as the United States.

Clemens Baumgartner, Senior Dev Ops and System Admin Engineer

Clemens studied software engineering at the University of Applied Science in Hagenberg / Austria and graduated in 2006. After 9 years working as a lead software developer for a company in Austria, he started his own business as software engineer and consultant in 2015. The last 6 years his team has worked on various projects with a focus on process and production automation. Since the end of 2019, he also added mobile app development to his portfolio. At RoboSig, Clemens worked intensively on the first RoboSig FX simulation engine and Version 1 of the fully automated FX trading strategy platform.

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